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Uknetrunner Awards

UKnetrunner of the Year
This award is made to recognise a member's service to the club. This is someone considered to be a UKnetrunner through and through, wears the vest, attends club event(s), engages with clubmates on the forum and social media. The Committee choose a shortli
2016 Andy Lane
2015 Samantha Blease
2014 Shaun Bonner
2013 Dean Ward
2012 Matt Dunn
2011 Bill Preston
2010 Wendi Witton
2009 Mark Willcocks
2008 Shaun Bonner
2007 Jayne Chappell
2006 Brigitte Groves
2005 Steve Gunn
2004 Carl Rutt
Achievement Award
This is to recognise someone who's achieved something significant in the year. This could include winning races, big improvements to PBs, weight loss, an ultra marathon type achievement, or a year-long personal quest of sorts.
2016 Dom Stevens
2015 Sally Ford
2014 Dom Stevens
2013 Andy Earp
2012 Matt Dunn
2011 Ann Hood
2010 Mark Willcocks
2009 Ian Thomas
2008 Stephen Price
Handicap Events
Sep 2019 Stephen Price Memorial 10k
Jul 2019 Summer parkrun handicap
Jul 2018 Summer parkrun handicap Peter Weatherill
Jan 2018 Not the Roman IX Colin Hewes
Jul 2017 Summer parkrun Handicap Michael Jarman
Jan 2017 Not the Roman IX Suz Cutler
Jun 2016 Summer parkrun Handicap Andrew Smith
Jan 2016 NTRIX (Not the Roman Nine) Peter Stockdale
Aug 2015 Summer Parkrun Handicap Suz Cutler
Jun 2015 Ramathon Half Marathon Michael Jarman
Jan 2015 Not the Roman IX (NTRIX) Bill Preston
Oct 2014 Worksop Half Marathon Samantha Blease
Oct 2014 Stroud Half Marathon Stephen Price
Jun 2014 Summer Parkrun Handicap Paul Wallace
Jan 2014 Not The Roman IX Michael Jarman
Sep 2013 IKANO Robin Hood Marathon Peter Stockdale
Sep 2013 IKANO Robin Hood Half Marathon Andy Earp
Jul 2013 Olympic Anniversary Run Steve Gunn
Jun 2013 Summer Parkrun Handicap Andy Earp
Feb 2013 Royal Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon Alex Finch
Nov 2012 Guy Fawkes 10m Peter Stockdale
May 2012 Oxford Town & Gown 10k Roger Gill
Mar 2012 Wilmslow Half Marathon Peter Mickleburgh
Mar 2012 Nike Milton Keynes Half Marathon Brigitte Groves
Jan 2012 Not The Roman IX Dee Hopkins
Aug 2011 Birchwood 10k Michael Jarman
Jul 2011 New Forest 10m Matthew Dunn
Jan 2011 Not The Roman IX Zoe Stockdale
Oct 2010 Great Eastern Run William Shippin
Jan 2010 Not The Roman IX Pearce Phillips
Oct 2009 Great Eastern Run Colin Hewes
May 2009 Edinburgh Marathon Claire Hesketh
Jan 2009 Not The Roman IX Pearce Phillips
Jan 2008 Not The Roman IX Danny Farndon