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Stephen Price - Funeral Arrangements

 Fri Aug 17 2018, 08:15pm, 0 comments
Details of the funeral for anyone wishing to attend
Stephen sadly passed away suddenly on 8th August 2018 aged 37 years. Dearly loved husband and soulmate of Michelle, and devoted father to Freya. Read more

Stephen Price - Club Chair, Inspirational Runner, Friend

 Wed Aug 08 2018, 09:54pm, 14 comments
In Memory of Stephen Price
It is with great sadness that we announce that our club chair, Stephen Price has passed away. Stephen died suddenly and unexpectedly in his sleep in the early hours of this morning (8th August). Read more

UKnetrunner Summer parkrun Handicap Series

 Wed May 30 2018, 08:27pm, 1 comment
Join in with this year's UKnetrunner Summer parkrun Handicap Series!
This year's annual UKnetrunner Parkrun Handicap is going to run over the five Saturdays from 30 June to 28 July. This year the handicap will be slightly adjusted to work with WAVA, just as the Grand Prix has been. Read more

London Marathon Ballot 2019

 Thu Apr 26 2018, 07:40pm, 0 comments
UKnetrunner, as a member of England Athletics, receives guaranteed entries for the Virgin Money London Marathon. The number of club places allocated depends upon the number of affiliated members we have, but we expect this to be two places. Read more

AGM 2018 | Award Winners | Committee

 Sat Jan 27 2018, 09:05am, 0 comments
The minutes of the 2018 AGM are now avilable...
The UKnetrunner.co. Read more

The Grand Prix has changed

 Fri Jan 19 2018, 08:45pm, 0 comments
Your band is now based on WAVA gradings
Following a suggestion at last year's AGM, and further discussion and agreement at this year's AGM, we have changed the GP bandings to be based on your WAVA grading. You can find out more details about how this works by reading the 'Explanation' tab on the Grand Prix Scoring page. Read more

Uknetrunner of the Year 2017

 Sun Dec 03 2017, 08:11pm, 0 comments
We want your nominations...
We are looking to discover who is the UKnetrunner of the Year and we need your help. This award is given to recognise a member who has made an excellent contribution to the club over the year. Read more

London Marathon 2018 Club Ballot Results

 Fri Oct 20 2017, 10:26am, 0 comments
Congratulations to the winners of our club ballot
We are pleased to announce that the winners of the UKNetrunner London Marathon Club Ballot are: David Greenwell
Peter Wetherill Well done & congratulations to you both. Good luck with the training & please let us know how you get on! Thank you to Dave Smedley for organising the ballot this year, & commiserations to those of you who were unlucky in the draw this time. Read more

London Marathon Club Ballot 2018

 Wed Oct 04 2017, 04:31pm, 0 comments
If you miss out on a place in the London Marathon General Ballot, here's how to get a club place
Those of you that entered the Virgin Money London Marathon ballot should soon hear whether you're in or not if you haven't already. For those of you that get the dreaded "Sorry" magazine or email, fear not, we should be allocated two places by virtue of our affiliation with England Athletics. Read more

Running Science

 Sat Jun 03 2017, 04:25pm, 3 comments
Great new book with contributions from two UKnetrunner members
Two of our club members have contributed to a newly released book on running, and we’ve arranged a 25% discount off the RRP. Prof John Brewer is Professor of Sport at the University of Bedfordshire. Read more